New Work Trends That Will Benefit Your Business

These work trends move with the times and keep your business in line.

Traditionally, going to work means a commute to the office to work from a desk from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every weekday. While, for many, this is still the case, the work day is evolving. Now more than ever, you have choices when it comes to where and when you work. Smart companies are helping their employees create a healthier work and life attitude by incorporating the latest work trends.

Check out how to modernize your workplace without losing momentum!

Flexible Work Arrangements

A position with flexibility built in can help you blend your work life with your personal life and other pursuits, whether it’s caring for your kids or running errands in the morning. Flexible work schedules might include working partly from home, working part-time or compressing your workweek into four 10-hour days with three-day weekends.

Remote Work

Working in an office isn’t necessarily a requirement anymore. The number of people working remotely in the U.S. alone has increased 103 percent since 2005. What’s more, the 3.7 million Americans working for a business from their home find that they’re more productive than working in the office.

Innovative Office Design

While there’s all this talk about working out of the office, those who still turn up for their daily grind can’t be left behind. Many companies are changing the way their offices are designed to improve how people work. Flexible office spaces may combine open floor plans to encourage communication and spontaneous interaction along with private nooks for quiet time.

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