Does Your Health Insurance Cover Your Annual Flu Shot?

Find out what your health insurance covers this flu season.

This flu season, getting your flu vaccination is one of the best ways to protect yourself and those around you.  Most health insurance plans cover preventative health measures such as your flu shot.  Learn what your health insurance covers this flu season and find out that to do if your flu shot isn’t covered by your health plan.

Who’s covered?

As previously mentioned, most health insurance policies cover preventative health measures such as immunizations and vaccinations.  For instance, if you have health care through the Affordable Care Act, then you have access to free or low-cost flu vaccinations.  Additionally, if you have a plan from the Health Insurance Marketplace then you also have access to free preventative health measures.  Finally, most health insurance offered by employers provides coverage for the annual flu shot.  If you are unsure about what your health plan covers or have questions about your coverage, then contact your health insurance provider.  They should be able to address any questions that you may have.

What if I’m not covered?

Even if your health insurance does not cover your flu shot, you should still get one.  There are other options that can give you and your family access to low-cost or free flu vaccinations. For instance, there are resources that provide affordable flu shots for under or uninsured children.  Additionally, there are many state programs that give residents access to low-cost flu shots as well.  If these alternative avenues aren’t available to you, then make sure you compare prices at multiple different locations.  You should never pay more for your flu shot than you have to.

Use this information to help you find out what your health insurance covers this flu season.  If your plan doesn’t provide coverage for preventative health measures, then it’s time to think about getting a new policy.  To find the most comprehensive health insurance for you budget, trust the experts at Humble & Davenport Insurance.  We serve Renton and the surrounding areas in Washington.  Contact us to get started today.


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