What You Didn’t Know Homeowners Insurance Could Cover

Lesser-Known Benefits of Homeowners Insurance

If you have a mortgage, then it’s likely that your lender requires you to have homeowners insurance. However, even if you don’t need this coverage, it is worthwhile protection. Not only does it cover your property, belongings, and wallet, but it offers additional benefits that many are in the dark about. Your homeowners insurance in Seattle can cover much more than you think.

  • Identity theft

Many homeowners don’t know that their homeowners insurance can cover them if they are the victim of identity theft. Your insurance can help you to pay for legal fees, the cost of sending certified mail, and lost wages for the days you have to take off work to deal with the issue.

  • Your belongings – wherever you are in the world

Whether you’re trekking across Europe or heading on a flight to Miami, if your suitcase, laptop, or other belongings get stolen, you can fall back on your homeowners insurance to cover the cost of replacements.

  • The garden shed or detached garage

Home insurance policies include coverage for detached private structures such as sheds or garages, usually as a percentage of your policy’s total building limit.

  • Your studying student’s belongings while they are at school

Many home insurance policies protect your student’s belongings when they are living away from home while attending college or university. Review your coverage to be sure and consider getting them renters insurance if your policy provides limited coverage.

  • Liability coverage for volunteering

Your liability coverage can extend during your efforts as a volunteer, meaning that you’ll be protected if you accidentally break something or injure a fellow volunteer while you are helping the local community.

  • Grave markers

Tombstones are not only depressing to buy, but they are expensive. Your home insurance policy can protect the family gravesite from vandalism and damage.

There are plenty of benefits to securing a home policy! Are you ready to find the right home insurance policy? Visit the professionals at Humble & Davenport Insurance to get started on your tailored home insurance.

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