What to Consider When Buying Renters Insurance

Factors to Keep in Mind When Getting Renters Coverage


As a renter, you may not pay much attention to insurance. After all, you’re renting your apartment and have no property of your own. Even so, renters can benefit from taking out renters insurance in Renton, WA that safeguards your possessions and pocket if the worst happens. When considering insurance, here are a few factors to keep in mind.


What does renters insurance cover?

Renters insurance is designed to help you cover the cost of replacing your possessions in the event of a loss. Whether there’s a fire, burglary or storm damage, renters insurance can ensure you’re not out of pocket replacing all of your beloved items. It also provides liability coverage so that if anyone gets injured while visiting you, you have protection in place.


How much do you need?

Renters are notorious for undermining their valuable possessions and risk. As such, they either neglect renters insurance altogether or opt for a bare-boned policy. Either one of these options can put your finances at risk, however. The best way to understand the amount of coverage you need is to take an inventory of all of your belongings.


Should you secure additional coverage?

Although securing renters insurance helps to protect your pocket, every policy has its limits. You may choose to add on coverage so that you’re better prepared for the unexpected. If you have items of high-value, you may need to secure more insurance. If you are in a location that is known for flooding, you may need flood insurance. Talk through your situation with your insurer to understand your coverage options and if any are right for you.


We hope this gives you a better understanding of how renters insurance can help. When you need to find reliable renters insurance to suit your budget, talk to the professionals at Humble & Davenport Insurance today.

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