What is Cyber Liability Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

The Importance of Cyber Liability Insurance 

Whether you have a small start-up or a run a large corporation, cyber liability insurance in Seattle can help you to remain on top of cyber threats as well as help you recover from a data breach if the worst happens. Cyber liability insurance, as the name suggests, is designed to protect your company from damages incurred during a security incident. While this may sound great, does your business actually need it?

What is cyber liability insurance?

Cyber liability insurance works to protect businesses from internet-based risks. It can help your business recover if it falls victim to a cyber-attack by supporting data recovery and business interruption. In short, this coverage gets your business back on its feet quickly after a digital breach.

Does my business need cyber liability insurance?

You may feel that your business is well-protected from cyber criminals or perhaps that your company is too small for them to target. However, as the techniques used by criminals become more sophisticated, you could be leaving your business vulnerable. If your business stores information digitally and/or operates online, you need cyber liability insurance. Keep in mind that hackers don’t just target big businesses – smaller businesses often have fewer security protections in place, meaning that they can gain access to sensitive information quickly.

Work with an insurance agency that provides your business with reliable cyber liability insurance. Contact the team at Humble & Davenport Insurance today to get started!

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