We Want to Support Your Favorite Charities!

Charity is one of the most important things we can do to support our community. However, we know that it can sometimes be difficult to donate as much as we would like. That’s why Humble & Davenport Insurance is announcing a new charity for referral program.

The way it works is simple: In exchange for referrals, we will give our clients the opportunity to choose from one of 5 charities which we will then donate to.

Best of all, we want you to help us figure out which 5 charities to offer! While we certainly have charities that we care about, we want this program to have meaning to you. Please contact us via phone or e-mail with suggestions for charities. We encourage you to tell us a little about the charity and why they deserve to be on the list as well.

For more information about the charity referral program, or to hear about insurance coverage in Washington that could benefit you, please contact Humble & Davenport Insurance in Renton.

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