How to Update Your Home Inventory during Get Organized Month

Use These Tips to Update Your Home Inventory 

Did you know that January is Get Organized Month? During the New Year, we can often feel a bit lifeless after the fun festivities. However, January brings a sense of new opportunities and revitalization. This can also include our homes. You may have received some valuable and wonderful gifts over the holidays, and now is a perfect opportunity to update your home inventory to ensure all of your belongings are protected under your home insurance in Renton, WA. Take a look at our tips on how to get started.

Move room by room. Homeowners find it easier to update their home inventory by working through each room. Refer to your current home inventory to see what items you currently have listed and what you need to add/take away. This also means that you can come back to it easily if you can only work in short time periods.

Collect receipts. Remember to keep hold of your receipts from over the Christmas period. If you have digital receipts, make sure to save them somewhere safe online. For paper receipts, it’s a good idea to take a picture of each one so that you have a backup if needed.

Get items appraised. As you are adding your new gifts to your inventory, don’t forget to review what items you already have on your document. Has it been a while since you last appraised your jewelry or heirlooms or antiques? Some items increase in value over time, such as precious gems and stones, so it could be worth taking these items to a professional to receive a new value. Pass this information on to your insurer, especially if you need to take out separate cover for them.

Keep on top of your inventory. As the year passes, make sure you have your home inventory in the back of your mind. Whenever you donate/sell/buy items, update your home inventory. This means that you save time at the beginning of each year and you ensure your belongings are readily protected!

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