Unsuspecting Dangerous Home Design Trends

Design Trends That Might Be Hazardous

Home design trends are always on the move – and we love seeing the innovation. Yet, there are some trends that are becoming increasingly popular but present a whole load of risks in the household. To avoid accident and injury,  be aware of these home design trends.

Open Staircases

A staircase without a railing looks elegant and seamless – yet,  comes with a huge amount of risks. Railings are a safety precaution designed to assist users from tripping and falling. Take away the railing and you leave stairs (literally) exposed to risk. Make sure you have a sturdy railing for all stairs in your home.

Antique Appliances

Old stoves may look quirky and unique, but they are often covered in lead paint or is mostly corroded but still functional. If you are looking for an antique appliance, take the time to have it checked out by a professional, such as a licensed electrician.

TVs over the Fireplace

Sure, a TV over the fireplace may look inviting and cozy, but it sure isn’t practical. Heat and soot can make for a dangerous situation. The proximity to heat may be harmful to your TV, the weight of the TV can be dangerous, and there is no significant reward.

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