Understanding What Happens After You Total Your Car

Wrecked carBeing in a car accident can be very scary.  It’s always a great thing when no one gets injured, but almost always there will be some type of damage to the vehicles involved.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for a car to get totaled when it’s in an accident.

Once an accident takes place, a police officer will arrive at the scene and document the wreck.  If needed, an ambulance will be called to respond to any injuries.

If your car has been totaled, it will most likely need to be towed.  You can call someone to tow the car for you; however, if you don’t, the police officer on the scene will call a tow service for you.  Once your car has been towed, you’ll likely be asking yourself what happens next.

Well, a totaled car means it’s a total loss.  You can either buy back the car for a low price and have it fixed, which will cost thousands of dollars, or you can use the check you receive from the insurance company to buy a new car.

In order to receive money from the insurance company, though, you will need to have full coverage.  If, however, the accident wasn’t your fault, the at-fault party will be required to pay for your car regardless if you have full coverage or not.

The amount of time that it takes to receive compensation for your totaled car depends on whether or not you and the involved insurance company agree on the value of your car.  If there isn’t a dispute, you are likely to receive compensation within one to two weeks.

If you would like more information on auto insurance and the aftermath of a totaled car, please don’t hesitate to contact Humble & Davenport Insurance in Renton, Washington today.

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