TravelZoo Suggests Travel Insurance

TravelZoo recently offered a helpful list of top 20 things to take care of before traveling internationally. One of their suggestions included looking into travel insurance. If you are planning an expensive vacation or family trip, you may want to consider this often over-looked form of insurance that can help protect your investment. Travel insurance can keep you from losing money due to events outside of your control. Travel insurance can prove especially valuable for overseas trips.

Trips may have to be altered for a variety of reasons including political unrest or natural disasters. There are five basic types of travel insurance. They include:

  • Vacation Cancelation Insurance
  • Medical Travel Insurance
  • Evacuation Insurance
  • Baggage Insurance
  • Flight Insurance

Each of these types of travel insurance cover a very specific areas of your trip. You may want to consider multiple forms. The time to learn about travel insurance is when you start planning your trip. The sooner you acquire coverage the better rate you may get or coverage may even be able to be expanded.

If you would like to know about travel insurance contact us. We are Humble & Davenport Insurance and we serve the Renton, Washington area with personal and business insurance products.

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