Have A Safe And Calm Flight With These Tips

Traveling Tips

Depending on your personal feelings, getting on a plane can either be very exciting or very nerve-wracking. However, no matter how you feel, there are certain etiquette rules that you need to keep in mind to make sure that everyone’s flight is as pleasant as possible. Keep these traveling tips in mind the next time you board a plane.

  • Respect the bathroom – keep in mind that there are only a couple of bathrooms on board that everyone has to use. Try not to take too much time in the bathroom, and do not make a mess.
  • Keep your kids in mind – flying can become even more stressful if you have to worry about your kids. Make sure that your kids know what to expect before getting to the airport, and bring plenty of quiet activities for them for the trip, such as a coloring book or a personal DVD player.
  • Keep your hygiene in check – sitting on a plane means sitting in close quarters with many other people. Do not skip your morning shower or deodorant and make sure to brush your teeth.
  • Recline carefully – before reclining your chair, take a look behind you. If their drink is on the tray or they have their laptop out, make sure to warn them of your plans so that they can prepare.
  • Respect the flight attendants – flight attendants did not make the rules of a plane, but they do have to enforce them. Be respectful and kind to your flight attendants, and remember that they are just doing their job.
  • Be careful at the bar – while there is nothing wrong with a cocktail or two on a plane, if you start to become a distraction for the whole plane, it can be a serious problem and safety concern. Keep your alcohol intake in check.

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