Top Appliances Around the House That Can Spark a House Fire

Home Appliances That Can Cause Fires 

Fire safety continues to be an issue across the nation. Many homeowners are becoming aware of the fire risks in their properties, from electrical faults to unattended candles. The more knowledge we have about fire causes and preventable tips, the better we can safeguard our homes. Did you know that appliances pose a unique fire risk? Check out these top appliances that can start fires in your home.

Refrigerators. You may never think of a fridge being a fire risk because it’s designed to keep items cool. However, an overheated compressor or an electrical short can cause fires. What’s more, a light that starts on all the time can be more than an irritant – it can be a fire hazard.

Dryers. When you run your dryer, lint starts to build in the lint trap and down the hose. Lint is dry and hot, meaning that one spark can quickly ignite the whole machine. It’s important to clean out the lint trap after every cycle as well as regularly disconnecting the hose and cleaning out the build-up of lint.

Dishwashers. If you’ve ever opened your dishwasher immediately after the cycle has finished, you will know that the heat that shoots out can be overwhelming. The heating elements in the dishwasher get wet, heat up, and cool down every time you run the dishwasher. This means that old or faulty elements can start a fire. If your dishwasher has been acting up or is wearing out, consider replacing it with a newer, safer model.

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