Tips for Using Snow Chains

While having the right auto insurance in Renton, Washington is a great way to protect yourself, using snow chains effectively can also help you drive safer this winter.

In addition to having the right auto insurance in Renton, Washington, there are other ways to protect yourself and your vehicle this season.  For many people who live in colder climates, snow chains are a winter safety essential.  Snow chains are essentially a web of chains that you attach to your tires to ensure that your car gets maximum traction as it navigates through ice and snow.  Whether you’re familiar with snow chains, or just learning what they are, everyone can benefit from going back to the basics.  Here are some essential tips to help you ensure that you are using snow chains effectively.

  • For starters, it’s important that you are using the right sized chains for your tires. Using the wrong chains will affect their performance and could damage your tires.
  • Before you’re faced with a blizzard, make sure that you practice installing the chains on your tires. This way, it’ll be easier and less stressful to install them when faced with a more pressing situation.
  • If you are driving and feel a cross chain fail, then it’s important to stop and fix it. Driving on broken chains will not provide the traction you need and can also lead to damaged tires.
  • When driving with snow chains, it’s important that you accelerate slowly and keep your speed under 30 mph.
  • Finally, you should only use snow chains in the appropriate situations. If your car already has snow tires, then adding chains might be unnecessary.  In many places and weather situations, you can get away with just using snow tires.

Keep these tips for using snow chains in mind to drive safely this winter.  Want another way to protect yourself and your vehicle this season?  Then make sure you have the right auto insurance in Renton, Washington to fit your needs.  Contact the experts at Humble & Davenport Insurance for assistance with all your coverage needs.  Our dedicated team is ready to get you covered today.

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