Tips to Take Care of Your Pet Throughout the Holidays

Holiday Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe


The tree is going up, the presents are being wrapped, and the food preparations are beginning – the holidays are right around the corner! The festive season provides many exciting opportunities for our furry friends, too. Yet, all too often, the holidays can be dangerous for our four-legged friends to get into danger. Here are a few tips to consider when keeping your pet safe throughout the holidays.


Christmas Trees

Having a fir or pine tree in the house is one of the wonders of the festive season. Although your tree may look like a pretty picture, they can be troublesome for pets. The oils in fir trees can be mildly toxic, so all pets should avoid gnawing on the tree. Regularly sweep up the needles and keep your pet away from the tree.



Strings of lights, ribbons on presents, and garland everywhere – there are many chances for your pet to get distracted with the holiday decorations. Be aware that small decorations and string can be incredibly harmful to animals if swallowed. Keep these decorations out of reach of pets.



The tempting scent of the holiday dinner may leave your dog begging by the table for scraps. However, many foods that we love can make pets unwell. Chocolate is harmful to pets, so keep chocolate out of reach and avoid giving your animal companions bones that could get stuck in their throat.


Keep your pet healthy and happy this holiday season! For all of your personal and commercial insurance needs, contact the team at Humble & Davenport Insurance.

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