Tips to Stay Safe in Summer Pools

Keep Safe in the Pool This Summer 

There’s nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in a cool pool during the hot summer. While a backyard pool means you get to sunbathe in privacy and you don’t have to fight for space at the beach, homeowners and parents should be aware that these pools are a source of danger, too. To keep safe in summer pools this season, check out these tips.

Fence it in. If you have a backyard pool, your insurer will often require you to fence the pool in to keep intruders and wandering children away. Be sure to install a self-latching and self-locking gate to prevent accidents in the pool.

Keep a safety kit nearby. Have a first aid kit, floatation devices, and CPR instructions near the pool. Also, keep a pair of scissors handy to cut away hair or clothing if they get stuck in the pool’s drains.

Teach your children how to swim. If you have children, enroll them in swimming lessons so that they know what to do in the water and don’t solely rely on floatation devices. Enroll your teenagers and yourself in CPR courses, too.

Establish a set of rules. If you’re having guests over for a summer party, ensure that you enforce rules for the pool. Don’t allow guests to drink and then swim, there should be no sharp objects in the pool area, and children should only swim when an adult is supervising.

Watch children. When there are children in or around the pool, ensure there is always an adult supervising. That should be their sole responsibility – even taking your eyes off the children to read or check your phone for a moment could mean you miss valuable seconds.

We hope that you enjoy your summer pool fun and stay safe with these tips! Humble & Davenport Insurance can locate the right insurance policies for your needs, so you have the peace of mind that you’re protected. We serve Renton and surrounding cities in Washington – Visit us to get started!

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