The Weekend Sophisticate: Recipe and Wine Pairing

Understanding how to pair wines with lunch or dinner recipes will enhance the dining experience.  Merlot, Chianti, and Chateauneuf are three examples of wine that superbly compliment the seasoning of various dishes.



Merlot is a savory wine of cherry and plum flavors with a hint of vanilla. Merlot is ideal when paired with seafood such as a dish of salmon steak and is also compatible with side dishes like mushrooms and wild rice.



Chianti is a red wine that is known for its medium-bodied cherry flavor with some acidity and is a great pairing for pasta dishes such as hearty lasagna served with a salad and garlic bread.



Chateauneuf offers the palette a lush combination of berries and herbs and is not a delicate wine. This wine is described as dramatic and is best paired with game meats such as venison, moose, antelope, or elk.


To truly enjoy wine with your meal, pair it with dishes that are sure to enhance its flavors. When dining out, servers are more than familiar with what wine goes with different recipes and dishes, and inquiry will assure the best pairing.

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