Thanksgiving Is Meant To Be Enjoyed – Safely!

The holiday season, Thanksgiving and Christmas specifically, are times when family and friends gather together to enjoy being together, eating great food and watching football. Everyone anticipates these times because they look forward to the feelings of warmth and companionship being with friends and family evokes. The last thing anyone wants to be concerned with during the holiday season is an accident or injury. If you’re hosting this year, being aware of some safety tips to ensure everyone has a great, safe time is essential.

For instance, when cooking, make sure no one is in the kitchen who isn’t involved in the cooking process. This especially applies to children. Also, make sure the yard is clear of sprinkler systems, tools and debris so no one experiences an accidental fall. If small children are to visit, making sure small items such as knick knacks or even games are put away so they can’t be accidentally swallowed by curious explorers. 

In the event an accident or injury does occur, knowing your homeowners insurance will protect you is a comfort as well. Great companies like Humble & Davenport Insurance in the Renton WA area are great to work with because they understand about friends and family. Give them a call today so you can make sure your homeowners insurance is up to date and ready to protect you and your family.

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