Teach Your Teen These Safe Driving Habits & Secure Auto Insurance in Renton

Safe habits and auto insurance in Renton can keep your teen driver safe on the roads.

Every parent wonders, ‘what can I do to make my teen a better driver?’ The biggest problem with teen drivers is the lack of experience. Driving errors are likely to happen when someone is new on the road, but they can be deadly if not addressed. As teens become more experienced and confident, alcohol becomes a much greater cause of accidents. Along with auto insurance in Renton, safe driving habits help to keep your teen safe.

Drive as much as possible with them when they have their permit.

Studies show that young people who have around 110 hours of supervised driving before getting their license are less likely to crash on the roads. Make sure that they’ve had plenty of practice and that they feel confident before hitting the road solo.

Limit the total passenger count.

Driving other teens in the vehicle is likely to distract the driver or encourage him or her to show off by speeding. Talk to your kids about tuning out their friends while driving. Consider limiting the number of passengers they’re allowed to have in the car, too.

Talk to your teen about distracted driving.

Texting, calling, and scrolling through social media are all huge no-nos when it comes to driving. Address the main culprits of distracted driving with your teen (phone, radio, navigation system, friends, etc.), and offer tips on how to stay focused.

Enforce their seatbelt habit.

In every vehicle, seatbelts are a must. Those people who don’t use seatbelts are 50 percent more likely to suffer a critical injury if involved in an accident. Teach your children that seatbelts save lives, and to encourage everyone to buckle up before starting the car.

While you’re at it, take a look at your car insurance policy. Add your teen driver onto a policy and ensure that the limits are suitable for your needs. Talk to your professional to secure the right auto insurance in Renton, Washington! Visit Humble & Davenport Insurance for all of the correct coverage today.

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