How to: Select the Right Liability Coverage

Liability coverage in your auto insurance can save your finances from getting crushed. Even good drivers can face accidents. One distraction or a moment of blind sightedness can send you plowing into another person or their property (fence, beloved car, land, what have you). Fortunately, liability coverage within an auto insurance policy helps to pay Read More

Is Your Dog A Liability Issue?

Home Insurance And Dogs If you have a dog, chances are that you consider them more a part of your family rather than a pet. From collecting toys to keeping them entertained to scheduling regular vet visits, you take every step to make sure that they are happy and safe. However, your insurance company may Read More

General Business Liability 101

Owning a small business comes with a lot of responsibilities to both your employees and to the business as a whole. One of the best ways to ensure that your business is covered in any situation, it is important to make sure that you invest in a general liability insurance policy. A general liability insurance Read More

Is Your Company At Risk?

Companies often allow employees to use work computers, laptops and tablets for personal use. In most cases, this would pose no problem, but in others, it can lead to major issues. It’s been estimated that over 60 percent of small businesses do not back up their computer files and at least 65 percent do not Read More

How To Report a Liability Claim

Filing a liability insurance claim may seem intimidating, but as with all types of insurance it’s important that you file your claim as quickly as possible. Not only do you need to file a liability claim as necessary, but you also need to contact your insurance company if there is even the possibility that there Read More