Thanksgiving Is Meant To Be Enjoyed – Safely!

The holiday season, Thanksgiving and Christmas specifically, are times when family and friends gather together to enjoy being together, eating great food and watching football. Everyone anticipates these times because they look forward to the feelings of warmth and companionship being with friends and family evokes. The last thing anyone wants to be concerned with Read More

Renton, Washington Is the Place To Be For Thanksgiving Day Fun Runs For Charity

Thanksgiving Day brings the entire family together for fun, great food and the sharing of everything they are grateful for in their lives. Yet you can also do something fun with your friends in the community while helping disabled and underserved people in different countries by getting involved in the Beat The Bird Fun Run Read More

Is my backyard trampoline covered with my homeowner’s insurance?

A family home is known to have a variety of items to entertain both kids and adults. Some of those items come with certain risks that can affect a person’s homeowners insurance. Swimming pools and trampolines, for example, should be placed in an area that is fenced in so neighborhood children can’t fall into or Read More

Swimming Pool Insurance Coverage

You have insurance on your car, house, health, and your family. You may even have a great house that includes a swimming pool. Summer is a wonderful time to invite the family, friends and neighbors over to take advantage of the amenities that come with your home, including that fabulous pool. Many homeowners never give Read More