How Your Insurance Premiums May Change After An Accident

Research shows that auto insurance rates vary based on multiple factors. If you are involved in an accident, your premium will likely be impacted. Finding a strong policy in the aftermath may be challenging. Here’s an in-depth look at the process. Generally, your auto insurance rates will rise if you have been involved in an Read More

How Should College Students Approach Finding Auto Insurance

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The Difference Between Commercial & Personal Auto Insurance in Renton, WA

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The Difference Between Car Insurance for a Coupe vs. a Sedan

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Tips for Your Summer Driving

Brush up on these summer driving tips before cruising the roads this season. Summertime is almost here! With the weather heating up and the days getting longer, many people will head on vacation, take some quality time off work, and enjoy the season ahead. While the crowds out and about increase, so does the traffic. Read More

How to Handle Scheduled Car Maintenance

Routine and scheduled car maintenance helps to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Routine car maintenance is mandatory in order to keep a car running properly for many miles to come. Scheduled car maintenance prevents breakdowns on the side of the road, as well as costly repairs that come along with it. With more people making Read More

Which Navigational System Should You Use in Your Car?

Determine which navigational system is the safest to use while driving. It’s clear in today’s society that the smartphone has replaced a growing number of standalone devices: the iPod, alarm clock, the compact digital camera. It’s also rendered satellite navigational devices somewhat obsolete. With GPS and maps built into every smartphone, there’s no obvious need Read More