Swimming Pool Insurance Coverage

You have insurance on your car, house, health, and your family. You may even have a great house that includes a swimming pool. Summer is a wonderful time to invite the family, friends and neighbors over to take advantage of the amenities that come with your home, including that fabulous pool. Many homeowners never give a second thought to pool insurance, believing that it will be covered under their homeowners policy. In actuality your homeowners insurance policy may include the pool, but more than likely, it doesn’t. Considering the risks involved, you should probably get additional $300,000 to $500,000 coverage to accommodate the pool and its associated risks.

Each pool is rated differently. If you have an above ground pool that has no slide, diving board, or gates will be graded differently than an in-ground pool that is equipped with all of the safety features. Your insurance agent is your best resource in making sure you are properly covered.

Contact us. at Humble & Davenport Insurance. We can make sure your kids, family and friends are all covered in this summer swimming season. We are proud to service the Renton, Washington area and will be pleased to serve you.

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