Summer is a Perfect Time to Learn About Wine

When it comes to making the most of your summer, you can make the most of that evening dinner party when you learn how to pair the perfect drink with that meal. The key to the perfect pairing is to highlight the wine, choosing a food that accents the unique characteristics of that particular bottle. Avoid pairing a high tannin wine with a bitter food, because it combines two bitter flavors, which is not enjoyable. Instead, pair high tannin wines with foods containing salt and fats.

Select a wine that is slightly sweeter and a bit more acidic than the food you are pairing it with. A bottle of port is ideal for dessert dishes and earthy wines are best with a dish that has earthy qualities as well. The rich earthiness in the dish will bring out the sweetness of the wine. Grill wild Alaskan salmon and serve it alongside a pinot noir, or host a grilled pizza party and serve grilled vegetable pizza with rose wine.

For more advice about the perfect summer menu, Humble & Davenport Insurance provides Bobs Wine Pairing, offering a wine pick every Friday on Facebook, just in time for the weekend.

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