How to Store Away Your Summer Vehicles

Ready your summer vehicles for the cooler months.

Preparing for winter is likely to be at the top of your list of priorities now that the temperatures are beginning to drop, and fall is in full swing! Winterizing your summer toys is a vital step in preparing for winter, as our most enjoyable rides require unique attention to prevail throughout the changing seasons.

Prepping your summer toys for winter can be as simple as cleaning them before storage. Gathered are some vital winterizing summer toys tips, so you are not faced with any unpleasant surprises once summer arrives.


If you have a motorcycle, you will want to make sure that all fluids are topped off or changed, if necessary. The gas tank needs to be full before it sits all winter long. If you have any suspicions of serious damage, now is the perfect time to get your motorcycle in the shop to see a mechanic. Be sure to take a quick look at your tires to make sure that they can see out the season. If you’re storing it away in your garage, be sure to cover it with a tailored cover so that it does not collect dust or become a new home to critters and vermin.

Before you stow away your boat for the winter, make sure to clean both the interior and exterior, getting rid of any barnacles and residue on the boat’s exterior. It is important that all water is removed from your water cruiser, including in your outboard motor. If you have an inboard motor, make sure it has enough antifreeze for the winter.


Your RV will also require unique attention in preparation for winter. Make sure the RV’s water tanks have been emptied, the gas tank is full, and you give it an oil change. You will also want to give the interior a good cleaning to ensure no nasty critters have set up camp when you come to use it next spring.

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