Stopping Synthetic Stucco Problems Before they Start

Do you know if that stucco finish on your home is actually real? Some homes have a synthetic stucco, called an exterior finish and installation system (EFIS). Without proper maintenance, these finishes can cause major repair bills.

What is an EFIS?

These finishes consist of 2-inch-thick polystyrene sheets with an acrylic coating that mimics the appearance of real stucco. To determine if you have synthetic stucco, knock on the exterior of the home and listen for a hollow sound. You can also press lightly against it to determine if it bends.

Types of Problems

The main problem with synthetic stucco panels is that punctures in them allow moisture to seep down into the underlying plywood and wood framing. With no way to evaporate, the moisture causes wood rot and destroys the home’s underlying framework.

Preventing Problems

Never pierce the stucco with nails or screws when hanging mailboxes, house numbers or decorative elements. Inspect the siding regularly for holes or cracks, and inspect the seams where panels meet to ensure the caulking is sound. Examine the bottom of the panels to ensure that none touch the ground, which allows ground moisture to seep up into them. If you detect any of these signs of damage, call a professional to repair them promptly.

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