A Little About Scott Humble!

Scott Humble has been with Humble and Davenport almost longer than anyone else, with twenty one years of service under his belt! He is not only the Vice President of the company but he is also a terrific Commercial Agent! Scott is also an extremely dedicated father of three young children, Ellie, Aaron, and his youngest son Jackson. When Scott is not in the office he spends a great deal of time speed skating with his family. He loves to cheer on his daughter Ellie at her meets, and also enjoys skating as a hobby himself! Camping is also one of Scott’s favorite things to do with his family. He very much enjoys the outdoors and teaching his son Aaron how to fish. If you have ever had the pleasure of working with Scott you may know that he can be quite the jokester! He definitely knows how to lighten up a room and make a hilarious comment at just the right time!

Father of 3, Professional Joker, and Vice President!
Direct Phone: (425)226-8221 Ext. 214
Email: Scott@Humbledavenport.com

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