How to Save on Electricity Costs This Winter

Learn how you can save on your home’s heating costs this winter.

As temperatures drop, many homeowners find that their electricity bills start to climb.  Don’t let winter weather break your budget.  Learn how you can save on your home’s heating costs this winter.

Keep Heat In

One way to cut your heating costs this winter is by keeping the heat in and blocking out the cold.  For instance, sealing any cracks in your window sills and doorways will prevent heat from seeping out and cold from creeping in.  Additionally, covering up your windows with heavy drapes or other coverings will keep out the winter chill.  Finally, check for and repair any drafts around your chimney, recessed lights, and unfinished spaces such as your attic and basement.

Adjust Your Temperature

Another way to keep electricity costs down is by turning your heat down or completely off as often as possible.  When you are away from home, take care to shut your heat completely off.  When you are at home, layer on warm clothing and set the temperature as low as you can comfortably manage.  When you head to bed for the night, turn your temperature down by ten degrees to maximize your energy savings.

Take Care of Your Heating System

Finally, scheduling regular maintenance for you heating system can help it run more efficiently and cost effectively.  Additionally, clearing out your furnace filter will increase its efficiency, making it less expensive to run.

Try out these tips to help you save on your home’s heating costs this winter.  Remember, another way to save money this winter is by having the right home insurance to fit your budget.  To find the right policy to fit your needs, contact the team at Humble & Davenport Insurance.  Our experts serve Renton and the surrounding areas in Washington and are ready to get you covered today.

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