Are You Safe From Identity Theft?

Ways to Stay Safe From Identity Theft

You’ve probably heard all the warnings about how damaging identity theft can be and how important it is to protect your identity from fraudsters. However, it can seem overwhelming and time-consuming to make some of the recommended changes to your personal data security. It’s important to note that time you use to protect yourself from identity theft is always well-spent. To help you make simple changes that protect your identity, read on.

Safeguard Personal Information

Keep your personal information safe at all times, particularly your Social Security Number, credit card, and bank account numbers. Provide personal information only if you have initiated the contact and you’re absolutely sure with whom you are dealing. If you’re purchasing an item online, make sure the site is secure first.

Protect Passwords

Use different passwords for your credit card, bank, and telephone accounts. Regularly change your passwords and PINs, too. Never write them down or disclose them to anyone. You’d be surprised what damage a scrap of paper with your details on it can do.

Review Accounts

Regularly review your credit report and bank statements, combing through for inaccuracies and errors. If you do spot that something is wrong, talk to your bank immediately.

Secure Your Mail

Shred or destroy credit card receipts, utility bills, and any documents containing personal or account information. Remember to do the same for pre-approved credit card applications that you don’t want.

Be Credit Card Smart

Carry only the personal information and credit cards that you actually need.

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