The Six Things Your Homeowners Insurance Covers

Your Guide To The Protection You Have Secured

You likely know that your homeowner’s insurance policy will pay to rebuild your home if it burns down, but do you know much more than that? Your policy should include six types of coverage to give you peace of mind across the board. Those coverage options are:

  • Dwelling Coverage: This is the part of your policy that pays to rebuild your home if it is destroyed by a covered cause. It does not just put up your four walls again, but will also pay to rebuild decks, patios, and garages that are attached to the house.
  • Other Structures Coverage: Do you have a shed out back? A detached garage? This protection covers rebuilding those structures.
  • Personal Property Coverage: What if you become the victim of theft, leaving your home in tact but many of your personal possessions missing? Your homeowners insurance will cover reimbursements for those items. Ask your insurance provider if you need to schedule valuable items into your policy to get them the proper level of coverage.
  • Personal Liability Coverage: If your mailman slips and falls on your property and proceeds to sue you, your homeowners insurance will protect you from the financial burden of a legal battle by paying legal costs and liability judgments.
  • Medical Payments Coverage: Should an accident happen on your property that requires you to assume the medical expenses of an injured person, this coverage protects your from paying out of your own pocket.
  • Additional Living Expense Coverage: If your home becomes uninhabitable, this protection will reimburse you for the cost of housing until you can move back into your home.

For all of your home insurance coverage needs, contact the insurance professionals at Humble & Davenport Insurance in Renton, Washington. We are committed to getting you the right level of coverage for your community and your pocketbook. Call us today!

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