What Does Renter’s Insurance Cover?

How Renter’s Insurance Protects Your Financial Wellbeing

Most renters mistakenly assume that their landlord’s insurance policy will cover them if disaster strikes. Unfortunately, that’s not true. The landlord’s homeowners insurance policy will cover the building itself but not any of the contents, including your belongings. That’s where renter’s insurance in Seattle comes in. Believe it or not, but renter’s insurance covers more than just your personal belongings!

Renter’s insurance covers all the property in your rental space, including – but not limited to – clothing, furniture, computers, electronics, jewelry, art, and appliances. The value of all of your belongings adds up quickly, so even if you don’t think you have a lot of items, you could be surprised by the total value. If you have items of high-value like jewelry, art, or antiques, you might need to get an additional rider to have them well covered.

Like most homeowners insurance policies, renter’s insurance also typically includes liability coverage. This coverage protects you when accidents occur on your property. If someone is injured or their property is damaged, you’re covered. If you’re sued, your policy will help to cover court judgments made against you and any legal expenses up to the limit of your coverage.

Another benefit to having renter’s insurance is that if your rented accommodation is damaged by a covered peril (e.g. fire, windstorm, falling objects, etc.), and you need to move into a temporary location, coverage can help. Renter’s insurance can cover your temporary living expenses while you are out of your damaged property.

Now that you know all the benefits of having renter’s insurance, are you ready to secure the right coverage? Visit the professionals at Humble & Davenport Insurance to get started on your tailored renter’s insurance.

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