4 Surprising Recyclable Household Items

Can I recycle this? Here are four recyclable household items that might surprise you!   

You know that you should recycle, but it’s not always straightforward to find out whether the item you have poised over the trash bin is recyclable or not. We want to help you help the earth, so we’ve compiled this brief list of four recyclable household items that may surprise you.

  1. Aerosol cans. If you’re like us, you probably thought you had to take those pesky aerosol cans to the hazardous waste center. And you’re right – if there’s anything left in them. But if they’re empty, you can just toss them in the recycle bin with your other cans!
  2. Coffee pods. A lot of waste is accumulating as Keurigs get more popular. The problem is that those little coffee pods aren’t easy to recycle, but they are recyclable. You just need to disassemble them. Peel off the lid, add the grounds to your compost pile or spread them in your garden, and recycle the pod and cover with your plastic, aluminum, or other relevant items. It’s a little time-consuming, but you can easily get through a week’s worth of pods while you watch your favorite show.
  3. Ink cartridges. Your cartridges are filled with toxic substances, so don’t toss them in the trash! You can simply drop them off at most office supply centers, and they’ll properly recycle them. Some will even give you rewards and discounts for returning your cartridges!
  4. Books. If you have old books that are in decent shape, donate them rather than tossing them. But if they’re torn up, call your local recycling center. Some cities will let you throw them in with your paper recycling, but others will need you to take them to a designated book drop-off spot.

Thank you for doing your part with these recyclable household items! You’re helping us create a healthier earth, so we want to help you! For all of your insurance needs in Renton and the surrounding Washington area, contact Humble & Davenport Insurance.

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