Protecting Your Home From Flood

Water damage occurs in different ways at different times. Damage from floods happen during big storms like hurricanes and in low-lying areas where rivers often overflow their banks. Homes that are at risk for floods need special flood insurance to protect their property when this type of damage occurs.

Water damage can also occur when a pipe bursts, or when water seeps in through a hole in your roof. Damage to your property that occurs because of a sudden accident like a bursting pipe or a leaky roof is covered under your homeowners insurance policy. You can avoid this type of problem by maintaining your pipes, fixing leaks when they occur, and maintaining your roof. When you leave on an extended vacation, turn off the water to your property to avoid mishaps that might occur while you’re away. Have your roof inspected by professionals on a regular basis.

Do you have adequate coverage for your home? Contact your insurance agent at Humble & Davenport Insurance to find out more. Humble & Davenport Insurance proudly serves the residents of Washington. 

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