Protecting Your Company From A Data Breach

Cyber Liability Protection

You most likely use some type of computer at your business. No matter if your employees work on laptops or desktop computers to get work done, each time they turn on their computer, they run the risk of a cyber liability breach. Knowing how to protect your business and employees from a cyber attack can help to ensure that all of your company’s sensitive information stays safe.

Data breaches can come from outside sources, as well as internal sources. Something as simple as an employee clicking on a spam link in an email can allow a virus to attack your company’s information, leading to a data leak. Enacting and enforcing the right security measures can help to keep all of your company’s sensitive information out of the wrong hands.

Along with having the right safety practices, investing in a cyber liability insurance policy can help your business stay safe. Cyber liability insurance will provide coverage for both first party and third party issues. Typical first party protection will cover the cost of:

  • Notifying all affected employees and customers as required by law.
  • Forensic and legal services to determining if a breach did in fact occur.
  • Credit monitoring for customers who may have been affected by the breach.
  • Public relations and crisis management to educate all customers about the breach.

Third party protection will provide coverage for:

  • Employee privacy liability, network security, and privacy liability.
  • Civil awards, judgments, or settlements that you are ordered to pay after the breach.
  • Electronic media liability, which can include infringement of domain name, copyright, service mark, trade name, or slogan.

To ensure that your business is properly protected from any peril with the right commercial insurance policy, contact the independent insurance professionals at Humble & Davenport in Renton, Washington.

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