Preparing Your Business For Any Disaster

National Preparedness Month

Chances are you are prepared for most disasters at your house. However, as a small business owner, you are also responsible for making sure that you have made the proper preparations to keep your employees and business safe in case of any disaster. September is FEMA National Preparedness Month, making it the perfect time to look over your emergency preparations to ensure that you are ready for any disaster.

When creating an emergency preparedness plan for your business, there are certain features that your plan should include, such as:

  • Clearly defined roles – determine who will be in charge of the execution of your plan, no matter if it is one single person or the lead of each group at your business. Defining those in charge will help all employees know who to look to for assistance during a disaster.
  • Know your risks – conduct a risk assessment at your business so that you know what you should be preparing for. When you know where your vulnerabilities are, you will be able to better prepare for any unfortunate situation that you may run into.
  • Practice – once you have a plan in place of what to do during an emergency, conduct practice drills so that you know how well your plan works. It will also help all of your employees know what to do when a real disaster hits.
  • Adjust your plan – after a couple practice drills, you will be able to find parts of your plan that worked well and parts that did not work so well. Adjusting any holes in your plan can help to ensure that everyone at your business stays safe.

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