Pothole Safety Tips

Potholes form because of the stress and strain of a road, combined with water freezing and melting within cracks in the asphalt. The expansion of the water creates potholes, which is why states with harsh winters are more prone to potholes. Hitting potholes can cause damage to your car’s wheels and suspension, as well as accidents if the pothole is deep enough. Instead of risking an insurance claim, consider a few ways to deal with driving around potholes.

When you’re driving on a pothole spotted road, the ideal tactic to deal with them is to simply avoid them entirely. Sometimes potholes are too large and the roads are too busy to completely swerve around the hole. If you’re unable to avoid a pothole, but it’s not so deep that you can’t safely driven into it, slow down before driving over it. Be particularly careful around potholes that are filled with water, as you have no way of knowing exactly how deep the hole is.

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