Should Newlyweds Combine Their Auto Insurance Policies?

What Newlyweds Need to Know About Insurance 

Newlyweds face some big decisions as they merge their lives, and not just about the living room’s décor. Car insurance, however, is generally not one you think of first. Even so, it’s wise to consider your car insurance policies with your new spouse, at least once the wedding and honeymoon are over. Believe it or not, your marital status has a huge bearing on your car insurance policies, and combining them could save you money – bar a few exceptions.

Even without changing your car insurance policy, chances are your ‘married’ status will reduce your rates on your current policy when it is reviewed. Even with other factors being the same, your premiums are bound to go down by 10-12 percent. This usually happens because married couples tend to file fewer claims than single drivers.

If you’re looking for a way to save big on your auto insurance, you may benefit from combining car insurance policies. Keep in mind that this only works well if you both have good driving records and no coverage gaps. If you or your spouse does not have a clean driving record, it could end up costing you both more money if you combine policies. What’s more, your insurer may not even insure your spouse because of his or her record.

When you combine your auto insurance policies, you get more than one vehicle insured on a policy, which often entitles you to a multi-car discount from car insurers. To save even more money, consider bundling your insurance policies. Combine your car, home, and other insurance policies with the same insurer to get a better rate of discount.

Before combining your policies, make sure to get proper quotes from multiple companies and work out a policy that suits your needs and budget. To get started on the right car insurance, contact the professionals at Humble & Davenport, serving Renton and neighboring cities in Washington.

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