Tips for The New Homeowner in Renton, WA

Tips for every new homeowner to keep the shiny abode safe!

Any new homeowner will understand that there’s no better feeling of moving into your new home after house hunting and negotiating. While you may have all of the boxes neatly stacked up in each room, don’t get too comfortable yet. You can’t quite make your house your Home-Sweet-Home until you complete these tasks first!

Clean up – You don’t know if the homeowners cleaned up before they left – but you don’t want to take the chance. They may have disguised it well during the walkthrough, but it’s always a good idea to clean your house when moving in.

Change your locks – The previous tenant may have given out copies of keys left, right, and center. Change your locks and switch the garage access code as soon as possible.

Call the professionals – While the house came with nifty appliances, they may not be in the best condition. Call an expert to examine the appliances as well as the chimney, cooler, heater, and fireplace before you heat your home for the rest of the year.

Replace the batteries – The smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should be checked as soon as possible to ensure that they have operating batteries. If the charge is running low, replace them with fresh ones so that your family and home are kept safe.

Purchase insuranceHomeowners insurance is there to protect your house and belongings in the aftermath of a disaster. From hefty lawsuits to fire, theft, and natural disasters, your policy is designed to protect your new home through many trials and tribulations! Call your insurer to set up the right policy today!

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