Negotiation Tips Every Woman Should Know and Use

Heading to the Negotiating Table? Take These Tips

Whether you’re job hunting, working for that raise and promotion, buying a new house or selling a house, you will need to implement some negotiation tactics. Whether negotiation a salary or contract, it’s important to keep a clear head, do your research, and consult an expert if necessary. To help, we’ve rounded up a few essential negotiation tips every woman should read.

Set expectations early

The earlier you set the expectation of pay, the better. If you have a phone interview with a recruiter, tell them what you expect before agreeing to additional interviews. If you’re highly qualified and confident, there’s little chance that they will turn you away because you asked for 10 percent more than the maximum salary the company offered. Once you do get the job offer, you can stick to your guns and hold to that initial number.

Do your research

Go into any meeting prepared. Know your worth and industry value. For salary negotiation, you can find a lot of information online on Glassdoor and similar sites but know that the average salary number can vary widely. Figure out the highest amount your employer would pay and then add at least 10 percent to it as a starting point. For properties, ask your agent and consult the internet about house prices in the local area of your dream house. Remember that the negotiation doesn’t end after your offer has been accepted; you can renegotiation after the inspection report.

Know where you stand

Are you competing for a job against dozens of similarly qualified candidates or has the position been open for months and you are the only person to receive an offer? The same goes for buying a home. Are you competing against multiple bidders or has the home been sitting on the market for a while? Knowing where you stand can provide insight as to what steps are appropriate.

We hope that these tips help you to negotiate in any situation! For all of your insurance needs this season, contact the team at Humble & Davenport Insurance.

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