Which Navigational System Should You Use in Your Car?

Determine which navigational system is the safest to use while driving.

It’s clear in today’s society that the smartphone has replaced a growing number of standalone devices: the iPod, alarm clock, the compact digital camera. It’s also rendered satellite navigational devices somewhat obsolete. With GPS and maps built into every smartphone, there’s no obvious need to buy a dedicated navigational system.

Or is there?

Find out which device is safer for your drive below!

Your car matters: Whether you have a standalone GPS or a built-in navigation system, it’s easy to input your destination on a touch screen and follow directions with a visual map and voice commands. To determine if this way, or setting up your smartphone’s map, is best for you, you must consider the ergonomics of the car, as well as your personal preference.

Your voice could be misleading: Voice-activated systems may be safer than a touch screen, but a system can easily overhear your command and plug in the wrong directions. If you are continuously correcting the text and route while on the road, it just is as dangerous as texting and driving.

Blocked visuals: Both mounted GPS devices and smartphones cause a distraction to the driver and somewhat block part of the road. Even if you don’t have the luxury of a built-in mapping system in your car, there are ways to position your device without creating an obstruction. For this, you may consider using only voice command on your smartphone while your device is safely stowed in your gearbox. You may also opt to set up your GPS device on the dashboard so that you are not taking your eyes off the road for long.

Whatever system you use, always plug in the destination before you start driving. With safe driving habits and a reliable auto insurance policy, you can stay safe on the roads. Talk to your insurer to secure the right auto insurance in Renton, Washington! Visit Humble & Davenport Insurance for all of the correct coverage today.

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