National Distracted Driving Awareness Month Puts Focus on the Road

Most people have quite a bit to accomplish in a day, and many think it is natural to take a routine task, like driving and use it as an opportunity to get a little multitasking in, like letting your spouse know you’re stuck in traffic or telling your teenagers to do their homework and giving them your blessing to put that pizza in the oven. You might do this with a text message while you’re at a stoplight, or a quick phone call on your cell phone. But the thing is, routine tasks can stop being routine rather quickly. Your daughter complains she can’t concentrate because your son’s music is too loud or a motorcycle decides to appear out of nowhere and change lanes right in front of you. Either situation can compromise your driving abilities and it is nearly impossible to predict when those little road mishaps are going to happen.

The 2014 Traffic Safety Culture Index from AAA reveals that two thirds of drivers admitted taking on their cell phone while driving, and a quarter for drivers admitted to typing or sending an email or text message. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute discovered that sending or receiving a text message takes 4.6 seconds on average, and if you are driving 55 mph you’ll cover the length of a football field without seeing the road.

While distracted driving is clearly a public problem, it’s also a concern for businesses and that’s part of what prompted the National Safety Council to declare April as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. It’s more than a safety concern, it’s also a financial one. The average work related motor vehicle personal injury claim is more than $69,000, double the claim amount for other types of injuries. Businesses need to create, communicate and promote official policies on distracted driving and management need to set an example to ensure that employees are driving as safely as possible.

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