How to Get Involved During Mental Health Awareness Month

Easy ways to get involved during Mental Health Awareness Month.

The snow is long gone, and the grass is getting greener every day. May is a time for baseball games, barbecues, bright flowers, and, of course, Mental Health Awareness Month. Around the nation, individuals, communities, and businesses get involved in raising awareness about the importance of mental health.

Mental Health America is theming 2017 as Risky Business. It is designed to educate the public on habits and behaviors that increase the risk of developing and exacerbating mental illnesses. These include diverse risk factors such as prescription drug misuse, gaming addictions, excessive spending, marijuana use, and troublesome exercise patterns.

To get involved with this month’s awareness campaign, find out how to get started!

Share Your Story: Many websites allow people to share their stories of struggle, hope, and recovery. Sharing your own story may be incredibly therapeutic, empowering, and may help countless others. You can also choose to confide in others about your story, as well as attending groups and inspiring others.

Start the Conversation: Are you a member of a church, professional group or school? Host a group discussion about mental illness to start the conversation. You may encourage those who suffer to step forward and share their story in a trusted community.

Take a Mental Health Screening. If you’ve had some trouble sleeping, experienced a change in appetite or racing thoughts, go to Mental Health America and take an anonymous screening.

Volunteer. Whether you help those in need directly or volunteer your time at a mental health charity, offer some of your time this month (and beyond) for those who need support.

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