Make Sure You Get Hitched Without a Hitch

If you’ve decided to pop the question, it may be wise to get insurance for your engagement ring. There are many things that can happen to an engagement ring before purchasing it and actually giving it to the woman you love. If you have a detailed plan regarding your proposal, it’s likely that there will be many opportunities to drop or lose the ring. Your existing insurance may not cover the ring even in your own home if it is too expensive.

Further, you should consider the fact that your wife-to-be is not likely to be used to wearing an engagement ring, and the engagement ring could even be sized incorrectly if she’s not the type to wear rings often. After first getting an engagement ring, any woman could be at risk of potentially losing it. An insurance policy could help alleviate some concerns. For more information about insuring engagement rings as well as other items of precious jewelry contact the insurance experts at Humble & Davenport Insurance.

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