Low Cost Ways to Keep Your Employees Healthy

A healthy and happy employee is a more productive member of the team.

As a business leader, you already understand the adverse effects of sick or evenly mildly disengaged employees. Higher profit margins always come from happy and healthy employees. Companies see lower health care costs and staff take fewer sick days when employees are healthy. Also, the team remains loyal to their jobs, which betters the company as a whole.

While many business owners believe that it is not their duty to keep their team healthy, there are simple things that you can do to inspire your team to lead a healthy lifestyle. After all, it benefits your company directly. Check out these affordable ways to keep your team striving!

Discourage Overtime
Even though this sounds counterintuitive, try to dissuade your employees from working more than their maximum weekly hours. Though your company may benefit from long hours at the office, your team will suffer due to burnout, injury – and even mistakes. A work-life balance is a must!

Keep a Clean Office
Anyone will benefit from a bright office with plenty of natural light and a clean environment. No matter how big or small your office space is, invest in cleaning services to keep the workplace clean and safe!

Offer a Gym Membership
Partner up with a fitness center so that your employees can gain free or cut-rate memberships to the gym’s facilities, which will likely encourage them to spend more time exercising and becoming healthy!

Make Simple Swaps
Instead of loading the employee kitchen with sugary beverages and junk food, add a fresh fruit bowl and plenty of bottled water to keep your team going!

Hold Walking Meetings
Encourage breaks that are away from the desk, preferably a walk around the building or block. To get everyone involved, hold a walking meeting which will get your team moving and the fresh air will stimulate their brainstorming!

For more tips on how to keep your team healthy and productive, contact Humble & Davenport Insurance in Washington.

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