Life Changes Bring Insurance Coverage Need Changes

Fotolia_56321407_Subscription_Monthly_M-300x177Humble & Davenport Insurance remind you that changes in your life typically signal the need to review your insurance coverage. While it’s easy to overlook this subject, doing so could  be very costly. Here are common life changes that suggest an insurance review to address these lifestyle events.

  • New jobs.
  • Getting married.
  • Having a baby.
  • New vehicle purchase.
  • Health considerations.
  • Buying a home.
  • Owning a business.

These major events, not only change your lifestyle, but they bring different requirements for your insurance package. Here are the protection requirements you should evaluate, at a minimum.

Life Insurance

If you get married and/or start a family, you need to protect your loved ones from losing your income should you prematurely meet your fate. When you’re single, with limited responsibilities to others, it is wise to have life insurance, but not truly a requirement. You must now protect other people.

Homeowners Insurance

Buying a home is a major investment. When you come from a rented residence, you only need to protect your personal property. Now, you must protect an investment of thousands of dollars.

Health Conditions

You should review your healthcare protection if your health deteriorates, to keep yourself and family protected.

Starting and Owning a Business

Get expert advice on the best commercial insurance package you can afford, as the risk/reward factor with a new business is high.

When your life changes, contact Humble & Davenport Insurance, to get the expert help they’ve been providing Washington individuals, families and businesses for over 27 years. This experience allows Humble and Davenport Insurance professionals to give you the advice you need to fit your specific life changes.

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