Liberty Mutual Risk Control Visit And What We Learned

We learned so much from Liberty Mutual this year.

At Humble & Davenport, we were fortunate enough to enjoy a Liberty Mutual Risk Control visit in July. The discussion focused on the capabilities of Liberty Mutual when it comes to their insurance coverage options. Some of the major topics that were discussed included:

Safety Net

Liberty Mutual’s online research library that gives customers and agents instant access to self-assessment tools, safety compliance information, signage and posters, and safety newsletters, and information on the trainings that are available.

Consulting Center

The dedicated call center that is available to answer any questions about safety and provide necessary safety materials, such as resources, tools, and training that will help to mitigate risks while identifying exposures.

Proactive Book of Business Analysis

Liberty Mutual has the tools needed to review the loss areas in your book of business and provide any necessary assistance with the right resources and insight for both agents and customers.

Although not discussed at the visit, Liberty Mutual also offers:

LossFree Rx

Liberty Mutual has partnered with Succeed Management Solutions to be able to provide additional safety compliance and risk management resources at no additional cost. The online training library that is offered through LossFree Rx contains policies, presentations, and training shorts. The program allows customers to track their certificates of insurance with subcontractors and vendors. LossFree Rx also offers behavior-based safety programs, safety data sheet management, and other management resources.

For more information on the Liberty Mutual Risk Control visit, and how your insurance coverage options can benefit, contact Humble & Davenport Insurance in Renton, Washington.

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