Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season

The winter holidays bring family gatherings, beautiful decorations and road trips to visit family and friends. For families with pets, it’s also a good time to make sure your pet is safe throughout the season. Keep these pet safety tips in mind this winter:

  • Ice melting salts can irritate your dog’s feet. Make sure to wash his paws after winter walks.
  • Antifreeze has a sweet taste that attracts your pets. Make sure you thoroughly clean up any spills—just a teaspoon or two can be deadly.
  • Poinsettias, lilies and amaryllis plants are all moderately to highly toxic to both dogs and cats. Keep them out of your pet’s reach.
  • Make sure electrical cords for holiday lights are tucked away so your pets can’t chew them.
  • Dogs with short hair or low body fat like Chihuahuas and greyhounds can suffer hypothermia even on very short outings. A warm sweater or coat will protect them.
  • Crate your pets on long car rides: It’s less stressful for them, and safer for you.
  • If you are expecting guests with very young children, it is often safer for your pets, especially if they are older, to be crated during their visit.

Your friends at Humble & Davenport Insurance wish you and your pets a happy and healthy holiday season. Contact us for any questions about your insurance coverage. 

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