Is my backyard trampoline covered with my homeowner’s insurance?

A family home is known to have a variety of items to entertain both kids and adults. Some of those items come with certain risks that can affect a person’s homeowners insurance. Swimming pools and trampolines, for example, should be placed in an area that is fenced in so neighborhood children can’t fall into or on them and injure themselves.

Insurance companies have set up guidelines for homeowners to follow that protects them from loss and decreases their overall liability. Adding fences and gates can reduce the cost of their premiums as well. These guidelines allow families to entertain themselves without risking the safety of others who live in their neighborhood.

Homeowners who live in Washington can contact Humble & Davenport Insurance if they have any questions about what their homeowners insurance covers. Swimming pools, trampolines and elaborate playground equipment may need specific types of insurance for coverage to be adequate. Speaking with an agent will ensure you have all the coverage you need in case of an emergency.

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