Insuring Your Brewery: Top Do’s and Don’ts

How to Craft the Right Insurance for Your Brewery

The microbrewery industry is growing at a fast pace of late. Opening a brewery is a dream many people have turned into a reality. Getting to brand new brews and network with like-minded people is certainly fun, but there are some less fun tasks that brewery owners need to handle: brewery insurance in Seattle. To help you secure the right coverage for your budding business, read on.


  • Secure the basics. Your brewery should have general liability, property insurance, liquor liability, inland marine cover, vehicle insurance, employer liability, and workers’ compensation coverage to start. Don’t skip out on the essential coverage.
  • Understand your risks. As a brewery, you have a unique set of risks that separates you from many other businesses. You have bottles, machinery, stock, and a bar to protect. Write down and research risks that you can face as a brewery.
  • Work with a brewery insurance specialist. Choose an agent who has worked with many different breweries so that they understand the uniqueness and complexities of brewery operations.
  • Maintain high safety standards. While insurance will be there for you when the worst happens, you can work to safeguard your business by preventing unfortunate mishaps. Educate your team, maintain equipment, and have the right coverage in place.


  • Don’t buy based on price. A common mistake is to purchase an insurance policy because it’s the cheapest. However, this can hurt you down the line when it runs out of coverage.
  • Don’t forget about additional coverage. Your brewery may need additional cover to stay protected. How about safeguarding beer in storage or in transit? What about tank leakage cover? Cyber security coverage? Talk to your insurer about finding the right insurance to suit your needs and risks.

Are you ready to find the right brewery insurance? Contact the team at Humble & Davenport Insurance serving Seattle and beyond. Our team are ready to help you.

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