Humble & Davenport’s Top Holiday Safety Tips

Seasonal Safety Tips from the Friendly Team at Humble & Davenport Insurance 

The holidays are best enjoyed at home, not in the hospital. Since the holidays are rapidly approaching, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of our seasonal safety tips with you.

  • If you’re traveling or you’re a guest, be alert for potentially dangerous food, drinks, household items, tools, and choking hazards, particularly for your children.
  • Stay warm in cold temperatures.
  • Poinsettias are poisonous to humans and animals. Keep them far away from children and pets.
  • Leave yourself plenty of time to cook the feast so that you don’t cause injuries that are a result of rushing.
  • Never burn wrapping paper or the Christmas tree in the fireplace.
  • Keep flammable objects away from candles, the oven, the fireplace, space heaters, and other heat sources.
  • Never drink and drive, and don’t let friends/guests get behind the wheel of a car if they’ve been drinking.

We hope that these tips enable you to have a safe and fun holiday with your loved ones.

Happy Holidays from the team at Humble & Davenport Insurance!

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