Humble & Davenport Insurance Helps People Recover Belongings

Humble & Davenport Insurance warns people to keep careful track of their belongings no matter where they go. Any time a person is out, they can lose an iPhone, car keys or all their credit cards

It’s important to keep track of items when going to the gym, hitting the bars for a drink or when sightseeing in a strange city. However, no matter how careful we are, things do happen. Therefore, our company encourages people to obtain insurance that will help people recovery personal property and identity theft.

Various types of insurance policies cover the cost of stolen or lost items, but it’s important to understand all the terms of any contract purchased. Otherwise, consumers might not receive compensation for certain items when making a claim.

Humble & Davenport makes sure all its clients understand exactly what their policy will cover. Furthermore, we help all our customers through each step of the claim filing process.

Anyone in Renton, Washington who has lost a valuable item while out at the town or at the gym can contact Humble & Davenport today. Claim specialists are standing by. 

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